Perceive, analyze, build up.


Subsidiaries of AURELIUS Equity Opportunities are supported by experienced AURELIUS managers who provide investee companies with the opportunity and potential to enhance market growth and competitiveness to the benefit of their employees, customers, distributors, and shareholders.

The right acquisition strategy leads to success

For the purpose of identifying suitable acquisition targets, AURELIUS Equity Opportunity makes use of a broad network of decision-makers in corporations as well as M&A consultants and investment banks. 

In total, the company’s acquisition specialists identify several hundred potential takeover candidates each year, of which around 10 to 15 percent undergo a detailed assessment. 

AURELIUS Equity Opportunity conducts this due diligence process with internal and external experts in the fields of mergers and acquisitions, law and finance. This way, the company assures prompt and efficient due diligence at a consistently high level.

As an active investor with a long-term investment horizon, we are searching for European corporate spin-offs and medium-sized enterprises with the following characteristics:

  • growth potential given close operational assistance;
  • below-average profitability;
  • synergies to existing platform investments.

We do not focus on particular industrial sectors when selecting our acquisition targets, although we do concentrate primarily on the following segments:

  • IT & Business Services
  • Industrials & Chemicals
  • Lifestyle & Consumer Goods

Investment criteria:

  • Revenues between € 30 million and € 1,000 million
  • Investments in companies in the lower midmarket (AURELIUS Equity Opportunities) and midmarket (AURELIUS European Opportunities IV)
  • Majority interests acquired, 100% holdings targeted or co-investments with AURELIUS European Opportunities IV
  • Add-on acquisitions for existing portfolio companies
  • Flexible contract structures in line with the seller’s preferences are possible